RMICC was created by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission's 1995 Sunset reauthorization legislation (SB 366) as the successor to the now-abolished Records Management and Preservation Advisory Committee. In addition, SB 394 (78th Legislature) added to the council one faculty member of a public senior college or university, and two information resource managers for state agencies in the executive branch of government. The position of presiding officer rotates among the members.

The council reviews the activities of member agencies, studies other records management issues and makes biennial reports to the Governor and Legislature. It also adopts policies (which are adopted in turn as rules by each member agency) that coordinate the members' records management activities and make other improvements to state records management.

View RMICC's statutes, Tx Govt Code 441.203.

View RMICC's administrative rules, 13 TAC §§50.1-11.

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